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American Dollars

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We accept only the most secured methods of payments for our counterfeit bills to help us remain anonymous.

We accept only payment methods that are untraceable as this is important to our safety and that of our clients.

We understand all the risks involved in the deals we do and recognize the effort by the cops to track businesses like ours down. As such our safety and that of our clients remain our top priority and even overrides the money we make from any deal.


Buy Counterfeit American Dollars Online

We encourage everyone to buy counterfeit American dollars from us because it’s the right thing to do when you ever have that feeling of poverty frustration. It is literally impossible to live without money in our today’s world. We all need money to take care of our monthly expenses. This would include the most basic and others like food, clothing, health care, utilities, education, leisure activities, and a lot more. And that is why everyone in the world is striving to become financially independent. order high-quality counterfeit United states money today and gain financial independence.

However, becoming financially independent is definitely not an easy thing to do. No matter how hard you work, expenses keep rising, and you are still earning the same income at the end of the month. That is why we are here to help boost your standards of living with an additional flow of cash by giving you a reliable remedy – the counterfeit American dollars for sale. Buy counterfeit American Dollars Online.

So why not achieve that financial independence by getting cheap fake American dollars from a reliable, tried, and true online store?

Our Commitment In selling Counterfeit American Dollars

The United States dollar is in fact one of the most valued currencies in the world. So with our indistinguishable counterfeit American dollars, you will be able to stay independent financially and it is a safe, easy, and quick solution for those who want to live a life of affluence.

Our online store is ready at all times to provide you with an unimaginable financial backup plan. We will take great pains to provide you with forged bills of premium quality. With several years in this field, we have mastered all ins and outs of the production process to produce counterfeit American dollars that cannot be distinguished from the original ones.

Our bills look the same as the original notes issued by the American Federal Reserve System. We create them following all quality standards. And that is why if you take a closer look at our notes, you will find all the required security features that we will tell you about shortly. That is what makes them look authentic.

Security features of Our Counterfeit US Dollars

Buy counterfeit American dollars

These security features make our fake U.S. bills to be 100% undetected, indistinguishable, safe, and secure to use anywhere. Here are the important features:

  • Watermarks: It reflects the image of an influential person or a recognizable object in the
  • Micro-Lettering: You can see this feature with the help of a magnifying glass. It usually contains the denomination value and the issuing authority.
  • Holograms and Holographic Strips: a strip that shows the currency dollar amount.
  • IR Detection
  • See-through window: a unique number that showcases the credibility of the banknote.
  • Green Metallic Inks on the back.
  • Security Thread: A plain non-readable embedded strip that appears on both sides of the note, and you can see the details under the light.
  • Different serial numbers
  • Ultra-violet features
  • Exact Paper Used: The Federal Reserve note paper is one-fourth linen and three-fourths cotton and contains red and blue security numbers.

Where To Buy Counterfeit American Dollars online

When it comes to buying fake American dollars online, it is important to trade with a reliable company that can boast of years of experience as well as several satisfied clients. And that is just what we got- so if you are looking for where to buy indistinguishable counterfeit American dollars online, then coming to quality fake money was just the right thing to do.

Our online store offers the best deals for the counterfeit American dollar. We have put in place the best techniques and employ the best experts and innovation to provide our clients with indistinguishable counterfeit dollars.

Our main goal is to provide you with fake American dollar notes that look exactly like the real ones. This means you can use these notes anywhere and at any time. And very importantly, we ensure that your safety is paramount.

Our USD Bills counterfeit prices:

This is our list of prices for the counterfeit American dollar notes:

10 dollars at 1 dollar

20 dollars at 2 dollars

30 dollars at 3 dollars

40 dollars at 4 dollars

50 dollars at 5 dollars

60 dollars at 6 dollars

70 dollars at 7 dollars

80 dollars at 8 dollars

90 dollars at 9 dollars

And 100 dollars at 10 dollars

So you can see for yourself that we have one of the most amazing sets of prices you will find anywhere else. Imagine giving up 10 dollars to get 100 dollars. That is a 90% gain.

Why buy counterfeit American dollars from us?

Our counterfeit U.S. dollars are not only cheap but contain the same security highlights as real notes

We have taken time to ensure that our notes contain the holograms, watermark, security threads, holographic strips, see-through registers, 3D ribbons, micro-lettering, and other securities. This will ensure that the counterfeit dollars will pass any checks.


You definitely would want to purchase counterfeit dollars from an outfit that has been in the business for years and has thus mastered what they do to their fingertip. And that is a true definition of who we are. We have been in this business for years; we have mastered the ins and outs and have dealt with thousands of clients. So trust us when we tell you we are the best deal for you.

Our Experts

We have several experts too and one incredible thing about them is that they know just what to do to provide you with just the perfect indistinguishable fake American dollars. In addition, we hire result-oriented and self-motivated persons who work passionately to meet our standards.

Our Client’s safety is our priority

We take great interest in our clients’ safety. That is why, all the American counterfeit notes we produce have the standard security features on them, including watermarks, 3D ribbons, see-through registers, and others. So whether you are going to use our fake US bills at a nearby store, the market, or financial institutions, you can be assured that you won’t get caught.

How to buy counterfeit American dollars online?

  • Visit our website
  • Browse our categories and choose the required bill which in this case is the American dollar.
  • Specify the denomination. That is the proper description of the dollar amount; say $1, $2, $5, $10, $20, $50, and $100 notes.
  • Use Bitcoin Or Gift Card
  • And your purchase will be delivered to you wherever you are in the States.

So if you are getting tired of failing to afford most of your necessities because you don’t have money to do that, then it is time to get into action. Visit our online store, get your counterfeit American dollar in no time, and thank us later.


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14 reviews for American Dollars

  1. Finnan

    Fantastic. Extremely reliable. Great. Service. Would definitely recommend and use again.

  2. Neil Woodrow

    Great service, used twice in the last month and great experience.

  3. Janard Kandalh

    I was sceptical buying from this company as never had to do it before, but very pleased with the quality of their note and delivery service. Will definitely stick with them.

  4. Marclaw

    Quality Grade A bills( VeryGood)
    Delivered with no issues,
    Driver had common sense and good communication,
    Good customer service

  5. Tom

    Just received my bills. Excellent guys I’m more than happy will always recommend u guys. My order delivered on time many thanks Although tracking could have been explained clearer as wasn’t sure when parcel would be collected.

  6. Edward

    After having my order damaged by a courier the staff at Allianz Company ensured I got a full refund without lots of hassle. They were very polite, clear and helpful.

    Other than that, the website is very easy to use and their products have reasonable prices.

  7. Hild

    No hassle – honest, hard workers, Allianz has systems in place and people who connect the dots of business and reliability. Another company took my money and I didn’t receive my order!
    Go Allianz and your money will be secure and your order arrive safely at the correct destination. What a joy! Ivan you guys are really doing a great job.

  8. Danielle Stewart

    Second time I’ve used this company and this time it went as planned. I will also used this company

  9. Grant

    Fast and secured delivery. I received as a game box.Quality of bills really good.
    I will use again as I recommended this company.High 5 Mr. Ivan

  10. Ross Phillips

    Great service, used twice in the last month and great experience.A comparison site for fake bills is just what we needed. Thanks.

  11. Jones

    First time I have used this sort of service and was most impressed. My order was placed promptly and I have been able to track its journey throughout.I just received order as promised.

  12. Lowe

    Thanks Ivan. I received this morning. The bills are just wonderful like you promised.Great service, prompt delivery, would use again

  13. Gertrude

    Excellent and Legit Company. Pick up happened as arranged. Great price for postage. Assume it was delivered as soon as I was notified,
    I will certainly buy again.

  14. G Hewitt

    3 days late ! But very good customer services.Finally received after 5 days.Bills really good.Try to organize your delivery on time.

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