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Canadian Dollars

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We accept only the most secured methods of payments for our counterfeit bills to help us remain anonymous.

We accept only payment methods that are untraceable as this is important to our safety and that of our clients.

We understand all the risks involved in the deals we do and recognize the effort by the cops to track businesses like ours down. As such our safety and that of our clients remain our top priority and even overrides the money we make from any deal.


We sell counterfeit Canadian Dollars of the highest grade that are undetectable. The Fake AUD bills we sell cannot be detected by anything counterfeit detecting. Our main interest is to ensure money is readily available to everyone who needs it and not to a powerful few.

Buy Counterfeit Canadian Dollar Online

Money has become an essential tool in our today’s world. You need to do virtually everything, from putting food on the table, taking care of health needs, education, housing, clothing, bills, to leisure, and a lot more. We all need money for all these and that is why everyone needs to become financially independent.

However, becoming financially independent is one thing that is quite difficult to achieve, especially in Canada with a very high standard of living. There is always one thing or another that takes away money every single time even if you are working really hard. You make money but it really can’t take care of half of your financial obligations because there is always a lot to do with money.

Bearing that in mind, we have come up with a great solution for you – The counterfeit Canadian dollar. The Canadian dollar is the official currency of Canada. It is shortened to CA$, Can$ or C$ by the Dollar Mark, to differentiate it from other currencies denominated by dollar.

We are one of the most famous online stores producing the most affordable counterfeit Canadian dollars. We give you the rare opportunity to purchase counterfeit Canadian money online if you cannot afford to buy real Canadian dollars to take care of all your favorite needs. Our fake currencies are exactly the same as genuine banknotes and pass various checks, including UV scanning, pen testing, and writing. We use the same materials as real money and making it impossible for anyone to know whether they are fake or genuine.

Our online store will provide you counterfeit Canadian Dollars and the most reasonable prices and we guarantee 100% that the bills are undetectable by human eyes. With the experience, we have so far and our team of experts, we produce our counterfeits Canadian notes using all quality standards and required security features of the Canadian dollar in order to make sure that the notes look real, authentic, and indistinguishable.

Security features of Our Counterfeit Canadian Dollars

We have produced our counterfeit notes taking into consideration all security features found on the real Canadian dollar. This makes our notes impossible to be identified by the human eye and thus guarantees your safety. Such features include:

These are wavy multi-colored lines that appear in the background on the front of the Canadian banknote. They are also fine lines found between the large, broad bands on the front of the banknote with the words “Bank of Canada 20 Banque du Canada 20.”

  • Optical Security Device (Color Change Patch)

It is a reflective square of a film composed of very thin layers of metallic and ceramic materials allowing it to change colors, from gold to green when tilted. It can be seen in the upper left corner of $20, $50, $100, and $1000 notes.

  • Intaglio (Raised Ink)

Raised ink can be felt on all the banknotes and creates a three-dimensional quality due to the different thicknesses of ink.

  • Planchettes (Green Dots)

They appear on the surface of the banknote and glimmers under ultraviolet light.

  • Serial Numbers

The serial number contains a prefix of three letters and then a unique seven-digit number printed two times on the back of each banknote.

  • Fine-Line Patterns

They are multidirectional, fine-line patterns on both sides of the banknotes and appear to the naked eye as continuous color.

They also contain polymer and have a large see-through window.

Where to Buy Counterfeit Australian Dollar online

When it comes to buying counterfeit Canadian dollars online, you have to be extremely careful because it is in fact a very delicate process. They are several online stores selling the fake Canadian dollar but not all of them can guarantee your safety or even deliver at the end of the day.

buy counterfeit canadian dollars online

So you want to make sure you are buying from a trusted company that has a whole lot of experience and has satisfied several clients over the years.

And that is what we have got. We have been in this business for years and we have provided our services to several clients, leaving them satisfied and wanting more. So we are the best online store for you. We know exactly what you want and how to get it to you. Count on us and we will provide you with indistinguishable counterfeit Canadian dollars online.

Our online store offers the most interesting deals for the counterfeit Canadian dollar. We have the most resourceful experts and with our experience, we have put in place the best techniques to ensure that everything runs smoothly.

Nothing differentiates our counterfeit Canadian dollars from the original ones and this, therefore, means you don’t have to worry about the risk of getting caught.

Our Canadian dollar counterfeit prices:

These are our prices for the counterfeit Canadian dollar:

CA$ 10 at CA$ 1

CA$ 20 at CA$ 2

CA$ 30 at CA$ 3

CA$ 40 at CA$ 4

CA$ 50 at CA$ 5

CA$ 60 at CA$ 6

CA$ 70 at CA$ 7

CA$ 80 at CA$ 8

CA$ 90 at CA$ 9

And CA$ 100 at CA$ 10

Why buy counterfeit Canadian dollars from us?

We have got experience

Experience is crucial when it comes to finding an online store to purchase fake Canadian dollars. So it is important to go to a company that can boast of the type of experience we have got. We have mastered the ins and outs of this business and we know how to deliver anywhere you are.

So trust us and you can be guaranteed the best and most reliable services.

Our counterfeit notes come at very reasonable prices but contain identical security highlights as the real notes

Our counterfeit notes come at the most affordable prices you can find anywhere else in Canada. In addition, we ensure that our notes contain the exact same security features as on the original notes.

Some of these features are holographic strips, fine-Line Patterns, polymer substrate, intaglio print and other securities. These security features ensure that the counterfeit dollars appear real and indistinguishable.

We have an efficient team of experts

We have put together a team of experts who are not just reliable and efficient but self-motivated and result oriented too. They work with the most advanced techniques to ensure that they get the best results possible.

The safety of our clients is a major priority

We understand the importance of safety and secrecy when it comes to ordering counterfeits online. So we take pains to ensure that our clients are safe at every point. We do not only ensure they are safe during the purchase but also ensure they are safe while using the notes by including standard security features. So it doesn’t matter whatever you intend to use counterfeit Canadian dollar notes for, your safety is guaranteed.

How to buy counterfeit Canadian dollars online?

  • Visit our website to make a purchase
  • Browse our categories and choose the required bill which in this case is the Canadian dollar.
  • Choose the denomination which is the proper description of the Canadian dollar amount; say $1, $2, $5, $10, $20, $50, and $100 notes.
  • Use Bitcoin or Gift Cards.
  • After ordering, your purchase will be delivered to you wherever you are in Canada.

So buying counterfeit Canadian dollars online is not as difficult as you may have thought. All you have to do is visit our online store, make your order and ease your financial burden.



3 reviews for Canadian Dollars

  1. Scott

    Happy with the speed of collection/delivery between CA and Quebec.

  2. Nancy

    Great service.Quality grade A and arrived on time , the only thing that could have improved the service would have been a text an hour or so before collection.hence 4 stars. But thanks will definitely use you in the future.

  3. Biggs Long

    What a superb company,so easy to deal with,there web site is very easy to navigate.I will definitively be using them again

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